"You will be extremely pleased to hear Smudge has settled in extremely well.

She is so content and chilled and has the most wonderful purr,we hear it almost constantly!

She loves Emily ...we have all fallen head over heals in love with her and she appears to have fallen in love with us too.

I truly think she is one extra special kitten and we are very lucky!"







I took this pic of Triibu and thought you might like it

She is still a retriever cat! Last night she brought all her little paper balls of paper or ribbon ( which she has as toys)up to our bedroom one by one. She also brings them to us in bed so that we can throw them for her to retrieve.We couldn't imagine a sweeter cat! Thank you.

Best wishes

Robin and Pille   London

"Eddie is our absolute superstar and we love him dearly!


He has settled in beautifully and is still a massive purring machine!

Bella has now made friends with him and they spend most of the day play fighting!

He is great with the children and loves them as much as they love him.


Thanks again so much for a beautiful kitten"


                                                             Claire      Reading























This has got to be one of my favourite photos of all . This wee boy suffers from autism and it was really hoped that he would bond with a friendly kitten and it would bring out his caring loving side which he hadn't really shown before.....the partnership has been a huge success, Cleo shadows him as though she knows and he is rewarded by her purrs...both faces in the picture tell it all.

                                       Catherine McVeigh     W.Sussex






Stephen Phillips   Cardiff


"I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all your wonderful support. I am so glad we found you after a less than happy experience with another breeder.


 What can I say, Max is everything you promised us he would be....and so much more! The girls adore him, he follows us everywhere and purrs so loudly that the vet failed to get a heartbeat when we took him for his injections! He has completely taken over the house and everyone who meets him instantly falls for him!


He is such a well adapted kitten and settled in immediately - testament to the love and care that you give to your cats and kittens from the day they are born.I wish you every success and happiness in your future showing and breeding and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you."

- Pepper Gillman  Devon


"I can't express how much I love Cindy, absolutely adore her! She has us in stitches laughing constantly.."

"Mr Kristofferson aka Kitsby continues to be an absolute joy everyday. He is honestly the best little guy we are so glad we went with such a top quality breeder to get him as his personality really shines through.

He is just such a lovely thick coated beasy..we just love him...honestly his personality has us in tears and he wakes us up each morning with a kiss...what more can you ask for!"

Sally Haynes      Herts

As a kitten

- Kristina        Northants


"I hope you like the photos of Pixie and Nellie. They are so content and have amazing personalities. Nellie is the more mischievous one but they are both very playful. They love people and are so affectionate . The whole family love them to bits and I am so glad I bought them from you so thank you.


Yes they are pretty cats. Its funny coz Pixies nose has gone black now like Nellies! ... I too am glad they are lap cats, they spend every evening on someone's lap and they follow us round sometimes asking to be cuddled haha."

- Maria Huntley     Cambs


"Ijust wanted to let you know that Elsa has settled in very well into our family. She's a very good girl and has a fab personality. She is a real beauty. Thank you x"


- Jacqui Gilgryst     Cornwall


"Well here they are at 15 weeks, they get more adorable each day and more naughty!! Oleg is very chilled out but still full of mischief and Ziggy is very funny, strong and determined. They really are great to have around."

 - Wendy Richmond        Monmouth


" Bailey is just the most delightful cat. He is gentle and loving and likes nothing more than having his chin and face rubbed.He is very playful and loves exploring the garden and chasing anything that moves in it! He has developed a strong bond with Henry our other cat and follows him everywhere. We are absolutely delighted to have Bailey as part of our family THANKYOU."



Mr Darcy aka "Lloyd" from Secret Lives of kittens at 10 months