Please do contact me if you would like to be put on a waiting list as my kittens are very sought after and go quickly!


Kittens generally available spring and autumn but please see updates and more adorable pictures on Facebook which is updated weekly. Earliest availability is now  summer 2021 for both silver tabbies and silver spotted, silverpointed likely a little later.

There is no obligation if you go on my waiting list but better to register an interest than miss out.


Kittens are reared with every attention in the kitchen next to the Aga , played with and cuddled constantly and leave with great personalities. They have a designated kitten playroom with activity climbers and stimulating toys, for when I'm not there but otherwise have the run of the house from about 6 weeks( when they are fully litter trained) I work from home so they have constant interaction and the best of food and care.(raw mince, fresh tuna, fresh Balsa, Purrform, steamed chicken and Royal Canin kitten food ad lib)



All kittens come from health tested lines(Pkd, FeLv, FIV) with no previous history of HMC.

They are regularly wormed, have had spot on parasite treatments and two veterinary  health checks with my feline specialist vet for eyes , heart and anything obvious like umbilical hernias.


They have  exclusive, mostly all Champion pedigrees, are registered Non-Active (NOT FOR BREEDING) with either GCCF or TICA  ,goody bag of toys, blanket, food etc ,a contract that ensures they are spayed so they can live life as pampered pets and of course a lifetime of support. I love to keep in touch and see how they progress and will encourage and advise anyone tempted to show!


The prices for my 12/13 week old kittens range  depending on mothers  showing record. All kittens have a Champion or Grand Champion dad.They leave fully vaccinated and the females spayed with all the correct paperwork in place.

They have their conventional  vaccines here and they cannot leave until a week after the last vaccine.

I do not take deposits until the kittens are weaned onto hard food and achieving the correct weights for their age

It is an absolute pleasure for me to care for my silver cuties until they are ready to leave....the tough part is deciding which to keep for showing. Please enjoy my pics of the various adorable ages.







Newborn to 2 weeks old. ( eyes open about 8 days)



3 to 4 weeks.  (  begin to toddle outside the nest)




5 to 7 weeks




7 to 9 weeks



                   10 to 13 Weeks