Purdey ....aka Champion Ohoka Gucci Girl was born from Pearl with dramatic tabby markings so I had her earmarked to keep as a potential show kitten from a very early age. 

She has a lovely temperament and loves to be picked up for a cuddle and swings her tail from side to side when asking to be picked up which is very cute.

Showing wise she did really well at the GCCF Supreme 2016 which is the Crufts of the cat world, coming second in a very strong kitten class with the judge remarking on her sweet temperament as I don't think she stopped purring the whole time whilst being handled.

As she matures( these pics were taken about 9 months or before) I am very much beginning to see that Dylan face which I love! In her short breeding career she has produced 2 Champions with Otto and always has the most stunning and affection kittens. 

Update 25/02/17

At her first adult show she gained a first and a second in her breed classes and won her first Challenge certificate which I was delighted with as she is only 10 months and still has alot of maturing to do.

Update 1/04/17

At Kernow and SW Cat Club Purdy received her final CC to make her Champion.She also won a BOB award beating amongst others Otto!