Daisy stole my heart literally within minutes of being born, her markings were so striking and she has the most amazing eyes. She is an absolute cuddly lapcat just wants tobe purring loudly all day! 


She excelled at her first show as a kitten was class winner and best shorthair kitten 4-7 months...her temperament was amazing, spent most of the day purring lying on her back. She was quite a showstopper with many of the other exhibitors complimenting her outright prettiness!

in Jan 2016 she went to the Fife winners Show( had to qualify to beable to enter)and were so thrilled to win her junior class, then nominated for Best in Show where she went Best Shorthair Junior and res overall Junior of the show .


Sliver tabby and white is a rare colour in the UK, still not recognised by GCCF but is by both TICA and FiFe I personally think it is stunning with the white just highlighting the beautiful silver tabby and her eyelined bright green eyes are stunning.

Her kittens are adorable totally cuddly and floppy like Ragdolls especially suitable for young children as they cant get enough of cuddles.